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Dining near Middleburg


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My wife and I will be doing a little staycation at the Briar Patch B&B in Middleburg on a Monday night and Tuesday night in September.

Any other day of the week, dining would be a no-brainer: the Ashby Inn.

Unfortunately, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday!

Does anyone have any recommendations? The Red Fox Inn seems more about the ambiance then the food, and as much as I like the IDEA of the French Hound, I hear it kinda sucks... What about trucking it up to Leesburg for Tuscarora?

Any other recommendations about hidden gems (food or otherwise) in and around Leesburg are appreciated!!!

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Definitely head over to the Hunter's Head - it's a short drive west on Route 50 and has a nice pubby atmosphere; order at the counter by the bar and they bring your food to your table. Much of the food is grown/produced at Ayrshire Farm, a few miles down the road (and sharing an owner with HH). Another scenic drive over to The Plains will take you to The Rail Stop - good food and who knows, you might see Robert Duvall dining there (I have); closed on Mondays. Forlano's is just across the street and serves lunch seven days a week; dinner is unfortunately only available Wed-Sun.

The Aldie Country Store is just down the road from your B&B and makes some excellent barbecue. You could pick up some picnic supplies there, head down the road to Chrysalis Vineyards for a tasting and enjoy your meal al fresco in their picnic area.

ETA...hope this isn't too late to be helpful!

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