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Take-out near Virginia Hospital Center


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Visiting my cousin and her brand new baby at Virginia Hospital Center tonight - and will want to grab takeout on my way back into the city. Any suggestions?

Pupatella is just a few short blocks away and will pack up anything but the calzone. I forgot. They are CLOSED MONDAYS. Sorry.

Try the back door at the Liberty Tavern in nearby Clarendon for Liberty to Go.

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Caribbean Grill is my go-to takeout near VHC. There is also the La Jawab kabob place in the same plaza that is good. A bit up Lee Hwy are:

Cowboy Cafe

Linda's Cafe

Thirsty Bernie's

Minerva Express

Crisp and Juicy

Lebanese Taverna Market

Also, in Harris Teeter's Lee-Harrison Shopping Center are:

Pie Tanza

Oriental Gourmet

Sushi Zen

The tex-mex place whose name I always forget

LT and Pupatella are about a good 7-10mins away, whereas CG is just 3-5mins.

(Don't forget to have the attendant stamp your parking card if you are planning on returning the same day. Saves $4.)

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