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James Suckling Strikes Again


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This was posted by the estimable Mr. Maresca some five months ago, so not sure why it's just now getting play here. While I have a lot of sympathy for Mr. Maresca's view (and plenty of antipathy for Mr. Suckling's wine worldview), Mr. Maresca goes a bit too far in his characterization of the world of Tuscan wine. Sure, lots of previously vino da tavola Tuscan wines are now IGT, which, I guess, makes them less "Super" (using the Suckling, et al., definition). But IGT Toscana, and pretty much the whole IGT concept, only came about because of the emergence of the "Super" "Tuscan" class of wines ("Neither Super! Nor Tuscan! Discuss!").

So chill out a little, Mr. Maresca.

But only a little.

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