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Cheesecake Heaven, Drive-Thru Cheesecake

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As of Thursday noon, there is a drive-up/walk-up cheesecake hut in the parking lot across from my workplace. It replaces the java hut that no one seemed to visit and is basically tenanted by a smiling guy with a register and a refrigerator. When my coworkers told me about it, I assumed I was being punked, because drive-thru cheesecake is a ridiculous idea. And yet, I (and the Hooters girls) am in So. Much. Trouble.

Website seems to be here.

It's called Cheesecake Heaven and is located at 10344 Fairfax Blvd in Fairfax, VA, aka the parking lot for Hooters and Minerva off Rt. 50/29 in Fairfax. (And perhaps also known as the site of this last Thursday.) There is apparently another kiosk/hut in Baltimore, I think?, that has been open for about a year. They are made in Warrenton, VA, by "my buddy's mom either this morning or yesterday" (quoth the smiling guy). $4 a slice, $10 for a 7-inch, and $20 for a 9-inch cake. They have a variety of flavors and sometimes feature off-menu flavors (Friday's example, peanut butter - a friend tried to wave off having a slice, saying that she surely would have tried it if only they had a peanut butter flavor [which was not on the menu]. And lo, there was a slice of peanut butter cheesecake, ready to go! She had to try it and found it Good.), I tried the chocolate mousse (as a 7-inch cake) and it is wonderful - dense and silkily creamy, but not too heavy, with more of a mousse than overtly "cakey" texture (which may be a function of the mousse style), with a deep chocolate, almost mocha flavor and a crumbly-fine oreo crust. It is really, seriously, dangerous-to-diets good. Gulp.

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