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Lee's Auto Service, Brookland / CUA Metro


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When I still lived in Washington, I basically always went to Tony Lee for all things automotive. I just checked and he is still there and still giving the same service, i.e. fairly priced, good work, reliable, generally done when he says it will be. He is not undiscovered--every internet site with service ratings lists him, and they are all five star (except Yelp). Best thing about Tony is he will tell you what you really need to do to fix the problem, and not try to take advantage by upselling or doing things you don't actually need. The shop doesn't have a classy waiting room with cappuccino or any of that (at least it didn't in my day), but it is located very close to the Brookland Metro stop, so you can drop your car in the morning, take the train to work, and pick it up in the evening. He kept my cars running for years and didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Lee's Auto Service

8th St. NE 1/2 block south of Monroe, just across from Catholic U, right next to the Metro track.

John Binkley

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