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Sweet 27 Cafe and Bakery (Formerly Meet 27), Gluten-Free Restaurant in Charles Village

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What this place lacks in ambiance, it makes up for in bountiful, fresh and flavorful food (at a very reasonable price!) I’m an adventerous omnivore who walks past this cafe every day on my way to work---and boy is it tempting to stop in everyday! Sweet Sin Cafe has a menu that will satisfy anyone who has food allergies, vegans and vegetarians and hard core carnivores. My personal favorite is the cream of mushroom soup that’s got a bit of a coconut-curry flare to it.

They serve breakfast, lunch ,and dinner and their specialty is gluten-free desserts. I know cupcakes are all the rage right now, but these cupcakes re-define cupcakes. I had an assortment of their cupcakes at my wedding and everyone loved them! My personal favorite is the Cherry Almond, but since it’s one of their special seasonal flavors it’s not always available. The Cookies n’ Cream, Carrot Cake, Caramel Apple and Chocolate Cheesecake cupcakes are all part of their regular line up that I highly recommend.

Their portions are huge! Two people could split a cupcake. I love that I work a few blocks away from an independently owned restaurant where I can get a filling, nutritious lunch for about $3-4! When my husband and I go together, we’ll often split one of their platters--and we also love the tacos. It’s kind of an eclectic menu with mouth-watering channa masala, gf pizza and tacos among their many offerings--but they pull it off really well. It’s a good spot for people who appreciate honest-to- goodness GOOD food without any pretentious frills.

The only thing I’d change about this place is the space. I wish the seats and tables were nicer and I wish it was easier to bring big groups to join me in this delicious food. There’s a coffee shop at the other end of the block (Charmington’s) that serves bad coffee and disappointing food--but they have a beautiful, comfy space and free wi-fi. I wish I could boot them down the block and promote Sweet Sin to their beautiful corner shop. Until I have that power, I’ll just keep stopping by on my way to or from work and support them one cupcake and a bowl of soup at a time.

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Owned by the same people who own the Sweet Sin Cafe next door, this is a delicious dinner-only upgrade from the basic offerings next door. The first time we went, I had the lamb chops and they were the best lamb chops I’ve ever had (and having a Greek college roommate, I’ve eaten ALOT of lamb.) Now I usually get whatever the special is and I’ve never been disappointed.

It’s worth noting that Meet 27 is a very new restaurant and they’re still trying to get the whole operation up and running. And boy do I hope they succeed because I LOVE the food at this place. Like their cafe, their offerings are gf and can cater to vegan to carnivorous palets.

They had some trouble getting their liquor license approved by one of the stonewall community associations, but have compromised and are now BYOB. They have a beautiful bar area, so it could be a nice place for a low-cost, high ambiance first date (esp. if it also included a stroll through the nearby free Baltimore Museum of Art.) The owner comissioned local MICA students to design a mural along the back wall featuring prominent Baltimoreans. If you are from out of town and have a little trouble guessing everyone, your waiter will gladly help you figure it out.

The server--it’s always been the same guy when we’ve been--is delightful. He’s very hospitable, generous, unassuming and kind. He can be a little slow to bring you your check, so don’t be shy and just ask for it.

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I went her a few weeks ago and was pretty happy with the meal. I shared their tasty chickpea battered fries with tumeric & cayenne. For dinner I had the special of the night which was a whole trout wrapped in a banana leaf.

I like that they cater to vegan and vegetarian palates as well.

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