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I have not actually eaten at Zia's during their regular service, but I hear good things. I'm posting because I attended their monthly raw food dinner a few weeks back.

I went in skeptical, and I had plans to grab Burger Bros. across the street after the meal, but I was very happy and full after the dinner.

For starters, we had an apple-butternut squash soup. It was made via prolonged blending, and while not hot, had the right texture. No stringingness I expected from raw squash.

Second was a wonderful beet root & fennel salad with a vanilla flavored vinaigrette dressing.

The main was a timbale made with a large green leaf filled with wilted greens and barely cooked mushrooms (119 degrees I think). It was marinaded in sesame, coconut amino & ginger.

For dessert, we had a rosemary fig tart that had a walnut crust and cashew butter filling.

All in all, it was a satisfying meal. I would most definitely go again.

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Zia's recently announced a regular dinner service Wed- Sat in the past month. I went with a friend who's vegetarian, and we had a great meal.

We started with a crudite plate with a raw vegan cashew ranch dip, and a raw Mexican mole pizza. The dip was really good- creamy and with lots of flavor. The pizza was interesting- the "crust" i believe was walnut based but it had a "Doritos" like flavor.

For entree's my friend had a raw vegan taco salad, and I had the braised kale with quinoa and black beans. We were so filled up that there was no room for Zia's great desserts. Next time.

I'm excited that there is an interesting dinner option in downtown Towson.

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