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Sublime Canine, Dog Care, Western Fairfax County - Alicia Wolman's Dog Exercise and Behavior Work (HC)

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I got to know Alicia Wolman, the owner of Sublime Canine, at the Reston dog park, where she had an uncanny ability to keep an eye on all of her client dogs. My standard poodle, Storm, is downright crazy about her. Storm is not the easiest dog to handle at the dog park because she plays hard** and has the doggie equivalent of asperger's syndrome and can't read other dogs' body language to know when to back off. Alicia took this all in stride and gave me some useful hints for distracting Storm when she starts overwhelming other dogs.

Alicia offers a number of services, including LONG dog park expeditions with the dogs getting 2 or more hours of serious, supervised playtime, which she calls the "puppy pack." She also does behavioral work with dogs, including long-term work with timid, fearful dogs. Alicia tries to pair your dog up with at least one other compatible dog when suggesting a schedule for her puppy pack service. The puppy pack goes to several area dog parks and the large fenced back yard of one customer. An exhausted dog is a happy and well-behaved dog, and mine are exhausted after their weekly puppy pack outing. Alicia is also flexible enough to take my dogs on an as needed basis when work drags me out of the home office for more than an hour or two.

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Alicia Wolman, Sublime Canine,

**This is typical for standard poodles. That show haircut is a total lie; they love to box and wrestle. If Storm is on her back, it's because she wants to wrestle from below. She doesn't understand the whole rolling over onto your back submission thing.

aka Polly Goldman

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Alicia has left the region.  Not quite sure how to break this to my dogs, because they adore her.

Polly Goldman

I'm sorry, Polly.

Could anyone write a recommendation for Polly, who is in the Western Fairfax County area?

Dave also has a similar need in Ballston, so your post could potentially help two members right away.

[Here is the FAQ for writing an initial post - the key point is: 100 words of substantive justification (I know it's a PITA, but if you truly believe in a business or individual, it's worth it, and will help them greatly).]

Don Rockwell

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