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Michael Landrum on Tipping


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Tom Sietsema could not possibly be referring to me in the "Tweet" linked above, because if he were he would be:

1) A liar. If he were referring to me, he would surely know that it was his very own colleague, Tim Carman who connected me to AskMen.com where he was then working, and who was responsible for coaxing me into writing the slightly tongue-in-cheek piece to which Don so helpfully linked. And if that were the case, his question would be both deceptive and based on a dishonest, feigned lack of knowledge. And,

2) Abusing the power of his position within the influence-peddling branch of the Kaplan Corporation to collude with Mr. Carman (since I am positive that it would only be through Mr. Carman that Mr. Sietsema would be aware of that three year old piece of satire) and possibly his editor, Joe Yonan, to conduct a personal attack, to settle a score, or to carry out some other personal agenda--something that no professional journalist would ever consider discrediting himself to do.

Since neither of the two cases is even remotely possible, Mr. Sietsema absolutely must have been referring to someone else.


Good Luck and Good Night,

Michael Landrum

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