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If you love music and believe that it sounds best through vacuum tube components, I really think you'll like Deja Vu. Thirteen years ago I wandered into Vu's original store and was very quickly won over by the sound of tube audio. Vu knows audio, has an amazing ear, and will patiently demo and explain the equipment he sells. He helped me put together a sweet little system that hasn't changed in twelve years, except for a CD player upgrade. One of the complaints some have about high end audio dealers is attitude, as if they're doing you a favor to take time with you. That's especially true for newbies, who can find really good audio equipment intimidating. Vu and his staff are friendly and more than willing to take time with you.

Although I've flown south, I know I can always call Vu with advice or recommendations. He stands by the gear he sells--and makes--and treats his customers well.

Deja Vu Audio

Jeff Craddock

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