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New York City Dining Guide - Brooklyn


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iPhone users, follow these steps to create a Brooklyn Dining Guide quasi-app:

1) Enter the URL of the next post (the actual Dining Guide), and bring it up on your iPhone - you can get the URL by clicking on the very-faint icon that looks like a "less-than sign (<)" at the top-right of any given post. 
2) Tap the plus sign (+) on the bottom of your iPhone screen.

3) Push "Add Bookmark."

Voila! Your own free quasi-app in less than 30 seconds!


Please feel free to contact me with any typos, suggestions, corrections, or comments.

In order to ensure future access to this dining guide, simply become a participating member of donrockwell.com.

Go back and read the previous sentence ten times: none of the restaurants covered in this guide serve a free lunch, and there is a very high likelihood that this guide will revert to being a reward for our participating members even though that means limiting readership (which, by definition, makes this website less popular). Our members - the ones who post here - are our life-blood, and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. It's very easy to sit back with a cup of coffee and read through all the content here; it takes effort to write and add content, and I want our participating members to know how much I appreciate them - I can't say it enough. Please register, post in the Please Introduce Yourselves thread, and then know that your simple actions have just supported this website which cannot go on without you - it takes less than five minutes, it's absolutely free, and your information is safeguarded and remains private. And if you're already a participating member, allow me to say thank you - the best thing you can do for us is to tell a friend about donrockwell.com (again, another simple action that only takes a few minutes).


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---------------- Brooklyn (South-to-North, West-to-East)

Bay Ridge - Map
Karam - website - map
Schnitzel Haus - website - map

Brighton Beach
Nargis Cafe - website - @NargisCafe
Dining in Brighton Beach
Sheepshead Bay
Belarussian Xata - website
Randazzo's Clam Bar - website

Boerum Hill / Cobble Hill / Carroll Gardens
Apartment 138 - website - @apartment138
Bocca Lupo - (no website)
Brooklyn Farmacy - website - @brooklynfarmacy
Brucie - website - @brucienyc
Buttermilk Channel - website - @buttermilkbklyn
Calexico - website - @calexiconyc
Caputo's Fine Foods - (no website) - some of the best fresh Mozzarella in NYC - REH
Char No. 4 - website - @charno4
Clover Club - website
Colonie - website - @colonienyc
Fragole - (no website)
Frankie's Spuntino - website - @franksspuntino
G. Esposito's & Sons Pork Store - (no website) - dried sausage to-die-for - REH
Hanco's Bubble Tea & Vietnamese Sandwich - website
Henry Public - website - @henrypublic
Hibino Japanese Restaurant - website - @hibino_brooklyn
Joya Thai - website
Karloff - website
Mile End Delicatessen - website - @mileendbrooklyn
Moo Burger - website - @mooburgernyc
Nectar - (no website)
Pok Pok Phat Thai - website
Prime Meats - website - @primemeats - IMHO, best non-steakhouse steak in NYC -REH
Rucola - website - @rucolanyc
Sadie's Kitchen - Facebook - @sadieskitchen
Sam's Restaurant - (no website)
Seersucker - website - @seersuckerbklyn
Shelsky's Smoked Fish - website - @shelskys
Strong Place - (no website)
Ted & Honey - website - @tedandhoneycafe
Two8Two Burger - website
Van Horn Sandwich Shop - website - @vanhornbrooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn
Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare - website - @brooklynfare1
TFANA Cafe - website - @TheatreforaNewA

Juliana's Pizza - 19 Old Fulton St. - Opening Spring 2012

Acme Smoked Fish, Fish Fridays - website - @acmesmokedfish - wholesaler to Zabar's and others, amazing deals, Friday morning only - REH
Peter Pan Bakery - (no website)

Di Fara Pizza - website
Moldova Restaurant - website

South Slope - Map
Korzo - website - @korzobklyn - map
Four & Twenty Blackbirds - website - Opening Summer 2015

Park Slope - Map
Al Di La - website
Bark Hot Dogs - website - @barkhotdogs
Bar Toto - website 
Bierkraft - website - @bierkraft
Blue Sky Bakery - website - @BlueSkyBakery
Flatbush Farm - website - @flatbush_farm
Franny's - website - @frannysbk - map
Gorilla Coffee - website - @gorillacoffee - An independent coffee house and roaster
Miriam - website
Stone Park Cafe - website - @stoneparkbk
Talde - website - @taldebrooklyn
Zito's Sandwich Shoppe - website

Prospect Heights - Map
Ample Hills Creamery - website - @amplehills
Branded Saloon - website - @BrandedSaloon - map
Franny's - website - @frannysbk
Marco's - website - @marcosbklyn
Nourish Thai - website - map
R&D Foods - website - @rdfoods - map
The Vanderbilt - website - @TheVanderbiltNY - map

Pok Pok Phat Thai - website - @pokpokpdx

Bar Below Rye - website - @ryerestaurant
Brick Black Coffee - Facebook - An independent coffee house with Brickhouse Roasters and a limited selection
Bunk Sandwiches - website - @bunksandwiches
The Elm (King and Grove Hotel) - website - @TheElmNYC
Fette Sau - website - @FetteSau
Lilia - website - @lilianewyork
Pies-n-Thighs - website - @piesnthighs
Rye - website - @RyeRestaurant
DuMont - 432 Union Ave. - Closed
Dram - 177 S. 4th St. - Closed

Blanca - website
Sey Coffee (Formerly Lofted Coffee) - website - TwitterInstagram - map

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