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Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning, Multiple Locations - In Business Since 1955 with Pickup and Delivery (HC)


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Everyone on here probably already knows about Hadeed Carpet, if not you probably don't listen to much radio around here. However, when you need a reliable company to professionally clean your rugs they do a really great job.

We had a kitchen and bathroom remodel, owned a puppy and fostered a puppy after which our oriental and non-oriental rugs really needed professionally cleaned. They looked shabby, our cream one had a spot I didn't think would ever come out, the colors were faded or dingy. They needed sanitized, the works.

Hadeed came and picked the rugs up, I didn't have to move anything, they picked up the couch, bed, dining room table, heavy coffee table that the rugs were under, they took them, they cleaned and sanitized and returned them a few days later. The rugs were vibrant, clean, they smelled good, the spot I never thought would come out was out. They put the rugs back down just where I asked. They also had a rug pad for a rug that we needed.

The prices were reasonable considering the size of the rug (it is less if you don't need them sanitized, but we definitely needed that part) and the level of service. And I thought they did a very good job and were very professional.


Katelin Moomau

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