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Silver Magpies, Silver Sales and Appraisals, McLean - Owner Nan Stuckwisch is Kind and Knowledgable


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I recently met Nan, the owner of Silver Magpies through an event that I run. She specializes in silver sales and valuations on new and antique pieces. I found her extremely knowledgeable regarding not only silver valuations, but also the overall craftsmanship, history, cleaning and all things silver. And she is extremely nice and willing to talk to you about any questions before or after you use her services.

I purchased a couple pieces of silver goods from her and have been really happy. And she is who I will use for any future silver valuations I need for work or home because in talking with her, reading her website and blog I could tell she really knew her stuff. She offers such good customer service and is really a nice person.

So if you are interested in learning more about your silver collections, having it valued or buying some silver pieces I would definitely check her out. http://www.silvermagpies.com/

Katelin Moomau

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