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Tres Hermanas (Formerly Mango Mike's), on Duke Street near Landmark - Tex-Mex with Large Outdoor Deck - Closed

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What I saw was very definitely being smoked, not grilled. I expect that whatever was in the smoker would have at least several hours in the smoke (since I passed by at ~ 8:00 a.m.) and would then be transferred into the kitchen to be finished,sliced, plated, etc.

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Thanks for the Heads up...We ate at Mango Mike's new version Tres Hermanas tonight. I like the physical remodel, the brown and white coloring and the silver lights are nice and more booths are available.  It has only been open a few days so some of the issues are going to smooth out with time, and there is a good reason that places do soft openings (though I expected a manager visit for feedback since newly opened)  The menu is very small and all but one entree were spicy (Chili sauce, habanera, ...) I did ask and they will be adding more menu

options (and some milder options) as time goes on.  
Stared with Margaretas - one house, one top shelf - both a bit to sweet for our taste, we both got on the rocks but they were a full glass of ice and thus not much margareta.   
Chips and three salsa's (the waitress didn't know what the different salsa's were), Green sause, mild red sause, and hotter red sause, nice to have variation.
Letting each of our guests review their dishes here...
Tortilla Stuffed Chicken
Tender chicken breasts stuffed with a melody of cheddar, jack cheese and chilies then rolled in corn tortilla chips for an added crunch. They're topped with our cool sour cream and a red chili sauce, and accompanied by Spanish rice and borracho beans. 
 -- Tortilla chips were barely noticeable (more like a few crumbs) and they need to work on the tenderness, was good but not great. 
Liked that the beans were not just the standard refried beans.
Chicken Fajitas
Marinated chicken grilled with sautéed peppers and onions.
-- Very tender and juicy chicken, onions were overcooked and not much flavor, serverd with decent guacamole and three small tortillas (extra tortillas are $2).  Taste was very good, though not the sizzling plate fajitas I'm used to. 
Fire Cracker Shrimp Fajita
Sautéed shrimp tossed with a spicy sauce and topped with sautéed peppers and onions
-- Shrimp were cooked fine, Veggies were not balances (more bell pepper then onion) and were a bit soggy, but there was a 'grit'
seasoning which was off putting on the shrimp and veggies.  I would order something else next time. 
Chicken Enchilada Verdes
A Mexican classic: warm tortillas stuffed with chicken, onions and tomatillos topped with creamy cheese and a kickin' salsa verde.
-- not very warm, a bit solid, chicken a bit dry but had a good taste overall.  Salsa verde added flavor but I wouldnt' consider it "kickin'"
Overall the dishes were muddled, maybe missing some acidity to brighten them up (actually more limes would have been better in the margaritas also).  Will likely give it another try in a few months
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