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Old South Mountain Inn, Boonsboro - Charming Inn on the Appalachian Trail Originally Founded in 1732

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Old South Mountain Inn is special to me because my mom loved to come up here for Sunday Brunch. Right on the Appalachian Trail, it is an extremely charming, old inn that was originally founded in 1732 (and has gone through numerous permutations in its lifetime).

The first time I dined here was in the 1980s, in a little alleyway upstairs called "Lovers' Lane." Since then, they've installed a somewhat controversial, glass-enclosed sunroom that is wildly popular for Sunday brunch-goers, but destroys the view from Lovers' Lane. It is a night-and-day difference between the original dining room and this sunroom, and you'd be doing well to peak at both before committing to a table.

I haven't eaten here in many years, and I don't remember the food at all, at least not at dinner. It is a very old-school menu, with entrees such as Crab Imperial and Beef Wellington. Sunday Brunch is a steam-table affair, and it gets crowded when church lets out with people loading up on dry scrambled eggs and the like.

If you're up for a hike at Washington Monument State Park (which contains a leisurely stroll uphill to our nation's first Washington Monument, granting enchanting views of the surrounding counties), then you could sure do a lot worse than finishing your park adventure with a Hot Buttered Rum (only about $6.75) in the bar area.

This is worth the 75-minute mini-trip up to Boonsboro and back, and it's a beautiful drive if you take the early exit and go through Middletown. What a lovely way to start the New Year this was.


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