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Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque, PitMaster Danny Hurdle's Eastern North Carolina style BBQ, Ashburn, Va

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To continue the journey though Loudoun....

Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque is a pretty solid rendition of Eastern North Carolina style barbeque. That is typically, whole hog, with a thin vinager-based sauce. I am not sure if it is whole hog, but it is definitely sauced with the vinager based sauce.

In the past I remembered thinking it tasted watered down from being on the steam table too long. Today it seemed pretty fresh. In fact it was quite good, not as good as the better places in NC, but at least in the same ballpark.

Super casual place good for lunch. I didn't try the ribs or beef bbq, but from past visits (granted 2 years ago) I think you would be best to stick to the pork. Sides, the baked beans and mac and cheese, were solid on this visit.

This place is also right off the W&OD trail, for any bicyclists.

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Stopped in to Carolina Brothers yesterday for a late lunch.  The sample of pulled pork was disappointing, esp. given these guys Eastern Carolina roots.  Maybe it had been sitting around the steam table too long, but it would not pass muster in the Carolinas.

We went with a full order of the baby back ribs ($20).  Massive Flintstonian portion.  However, no bark, no smoke ring, and little smoke flavor.  But here's the rub, it was damn succulent, tasty meat.  It was more like ribs that had been given a low and slow roast in the oven until the meat pulled away in large ribbon size pieces.  Mix their tomato based sauce with a few squirts of the vinegar based sauce, dunk in the meat, and it was some fine eating.  Just not very good BBQ.

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