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Black Brick Coffee, 300 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg - Skilled Baristas and Quality Roasts

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Independent, super hip spot serving all things Stumptown and little else.

This is one of the more buzzed-about independent coffee temples in ultra-hip Williamsburg. Nice hipster barista dudes.

While hands down way better than chains and serving excellent stumptown coffees, not as engaging as some other spots with less choice of beans, no pour over option, and no real foods or baked goods. And, a vibe making no apologies for any of that.

But, if you want to have a doppio and be very chic doing it when across the river, this is the spot for you.

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Good new spot just south of central Williamsburg. More seating than most of the area's [many] coffee shops and free wifi.

I do wish they offered some sort of food for those days when I'd like to linger longer, but can't stomach more coffee.

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