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Hundred Acres, Chef Ricky King on MacDougal Street in SoHo

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Spent the weekend in NYC with my 16 year old drama queen taking in a few shows. We had a truly fabulous brunch at Hundred Acres in Soho on MacDougal street. We started off with the Ricotta fritters with date molasses and powdered sugar. They were a creamy, tangy beignet...but only better. There were probably 7-8 on a plate and perfect to share. I had the goat cheese-thyme bread pudding, two poached eggs, warm spinach salad, lemon butter. It was one of the best brunch dishes I'd ever had. The bread pudding was gooey and savory. The lemon butter sauce elevated the wilted spinach to another level and the eggs were perfectly poached. My daughter had thebreakfast sausage, two poached eggs, cheesy jalapeno grits, bourbon jus. She kept using her side order of home fries to sop up all of the bourbon jus when she had otherwise polished off every bit. The sausage was more of a link sausage with a great crispy skin and bite to it. Honestly, this is a meal both of us will remember fondly for years....and I'm sure will me a mandatory destination for all future trips to NYC.

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Had a really nice meal at Hundred Acres.  The duck with polenta was pretty much perfection in flavor and cooking.  The table had a flatbread to start while waiting for Hubby and I to arrive, we both had cocktails we liked, that I can't particularly remember at this point, the whiskey list was impressive.  AND if you are lactose intolerant, the dark chocolate sorbet here is the closest thing I have ever tasted to real ice cream and it was amazing.  I mean really amazing, like close my eyes and think about those happy times before I was lactose intolerant when I loved ice cream amazing.  So anyway, very good meal, they gave me a birthday card which I thought was nice.  In laws were very impressed, as was my BIL's foodie gf.

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