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film re DC Central Kitchen training program - please help if you can


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Most of you are probably familiar with DC Central Kitchen's valuable, innovative and successful Culinary Job Training Program (link). The program trains unemployed people, including previously incarcerated and homeless people, for jobs in the field.

I am asking that you consider making a donation through Kickstarter to the production costs for a documentary that is currently being made about that program. The Kickstarter page is here, and you can see information, a trailer, tax-deductibility information, etc.

I believe that if this documentary gets made, it will help DCCK and will also probably inspire other similar efforts elsewhere.

I disclose (and also name drop) that one of the directors of the film is a friend of mine, and a friend of many people in DC, Brendan Canty (also well known as a musician and all-around great guy). I am not affiliated with the film in any sense other than that, and other than having kicked in some money through this fundraising effort. I do know that Brendan and his colleague do great film-making work.

The Kickstarter deadline is about 48 hours away at this point, and the campaign needs a little boost in order to get to the target point.

Please think about it and help out if you can. Thank you.

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Documentarians Christoph Green and Brendan Canty's film "The Liberation" will be shown at AFI's Silver Docs on 15 June. Unfortunately the evening screening in Silver Spring is sold out, but their are still tickets available for the afternoon screening at Landmark E-Street. WaPO Express article by Kristen Page-Kirby HERE.

It's been a while since we had a DR volunteer night at DCCK, but remember them fondly.

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