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Parsian Restaurant, Old Town Alexandria - Kabobs on King and N. Washington Street In The Old Zorkafor's Sandveg Space - Closed

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This space is now called - Parsian Restaurant. Fairly small menu of various kabaobs. Picked up a menu as I was walking by yesterday. Looks a bit pricey but it is King St. (i.e. Lamb Kabob, served with rice or bread and grilled tomatoes - $17.85). Also, have a couple sandwiches and wraps that run between $7 and $7.50.

I will try it out in the next week or so and report back.

Fairly expensive, indeed. I'm used to kabobs (with rice and chick-peas) for about $9. Now, if they toast the rice on the bottom of the pan so that you get that nice crunchy, browned rice...

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I'm correcting the title of the thread to "Parsian" which is the name of the restaurant (not Parisian). Parsian seems to be a variation on Persian, which is consistent with the Iranian rice listed on the menu. Haven't tried it yet, but reviewers on other sites compared it to Shamshiry, which I also haven't tried.

There's a non-working website (parsianrestaurant.com) that says coming soon...

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