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Gojee.com - Pandora for Recipes?


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Boppin' through the interwebz1 today, I once again ran into Gojee.com

When you sign up with your email addy, you receive instant, free access to recipes from multiple websites. The interface is appealing with intuitive navigation, much improved from earlier renditions. For me, the site offers an instant cure for the culinary equivalent of writer's block.

The home page bifurcates into a food section and a drink section. I have not yet created concoctions from either locale, but a quick read shows promising possibilities for already-savvy kitchen folk.

A key feature of Gojee is the ability to search for "cravings" or "ingredients I already have on hand" and "dislikes". Down the functionality road, I can see this evolving into a Pandora-like database, with staff capturing attributes of recipes, users voting, and the website making custom-tailored recommendations closer and closer in line with the user's interests and intentions.


(not unlike)

(my favorite foo foo)

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