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well, that odd blend of chinese and thai fare provided one of the best lunch deals i have ever had.

$8 for a choice of maybe 10 dishes, including panang curry or general tso chicken.

and this comes with rice and three side dishes.

i had hot and sour soup

a salad

and a spicy tuna roll (i paid a bit extra to have that susbstituted in for the california roll.

all of the food was good. not earth shattering. but kotubuki was closed on monday. and that was there. and for $8; it was tasty.


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Bambu belongs to the same family that runs Chen's Gourmet, the Chinese takeout place a few doors up MacArthur. Chen's has been the neighborhood Chinese place for many, many years. Neither place is what you would call a destination restaurant, just someplace close by to get something when you don't feel like cooking. Yawn.

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