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A Deli Italian Cafe in NoMa - Small Breakfast and Lunch Counter with 5-6 Tables - NOW OPEN!

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I read about this coming a while back on Price of Petworth, and the +1 and I were looking forward to a new lunch place in NoMa since we will frequently package lunch with a grocery trip to Harris Teeter. We enjoy Roti and Potbelly on occasion, but are always up for something different.

I believe this just opened on or around January 31, and we visited on February 4, so it's pretty new. You can see the menu here. It's not huge inside, with maybe 5-6 tables and some counter seating if I'm remembering correctly. I assume most of their clientele will be taking food back to their nearby offices. They offer catering as well as breakfast options, in addition to lunch sandwiches, sides, and desserts.

We decided to split the Spicy Italian (8" for $7.95 - dry capicola, sicilian salami, genoa, capicola, and provolone) with "everything" (lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers, oil & vinegar). We also split the Classic Philly Cheesesteak (8" for $6.95 - white American cheese with mushrooms, grilled onions, and sweet peppers). Both sandwiches were pretty good. We liked the soft Italian rolls they were served on, and although I would have preferred a bit more meat on the cheeseteak, I thought it had good flavor. The spicy Italian was stuffed pretty full and had a nice kick from the salami.

We also shared a side order of onion rings ($2.99), which were decent, but pretty generic. There were plenty for two of us, but not that many for the price. I think next time we decided we would likely just split a bag of chips. They do have what looks to be housemade potato and macaroni salad and cole slaw in a case up front too.

We didn't save room for dessert, but they have some cookie and brownie options along with cannoli and carrot cake. There was also a small selection of European candies.

I think A Deli (despite the dumb name) was good enough we will probably put it into our grocery store lunch rotation.

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