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Half Smoke Recipe


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So I'm playing around with making homemade sausages and it turns out that finding a recipe for a half smoke online is damn near impossible. I found one thread on a meat forum asking for help in trying to recreate the hot half smoke Manger's makes, and that was met with general confusion from people outside the region.

Anyone have any ideas? If you have some top secret recipe you don't want to share, I'd appreciate if someone could even steer me just a little bit in terms of spices.

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I can't vouch for the authenticity or deliciousness of this recipe, but it's a start... click

Also, the City Paper's excellent Half-Smoke piece from a few year's back concludes with this little nugget:

"To see whether Manger’s half-smoke is unique, I overnight a box of them in dry ice to sausage expert and cookbook author Bruce Aidells, also known as the “King of Sausagedom,” in California. (True to his nickname, Aidells is actually in the midst of eating sausage when I first reach him by telephone.) After a close examination, he notes that the spicy half-smoke seems to be a close cousin of both the Texas hot link or smoky link (pork butt, garlic, cumin, red-pepper flakes), a popular item in the Lone Star State’s barbecue joints, and the Louisiana chaurice (pork butt, beef chuck, garlic, chili powder, cayenne), which is one of the spiciest sausages in that region’s cuisine."

Good Luck!

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