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Bagel City (1982-2020), Pike Center in Rockville - Serving Good Bagels since 1982

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On 2/16/2012 at 7:28 PM, Cuddlyone said:

What about Bagel City in Rockville? 1. Their bagels are not the size of frisbees and not doughy (think Einstein or Chesapeake). 2. The crust is crispy with a great bite. 3. The inside has a great chew, not too soft, not too hard. Downside: servers/cashiers are rude, but worth the aggravation. PS, the bialys are great too (but extremely oniony-I dump out the onions when I get home).

I live close to both Goldbergs and Bagel City and I prefer the latter. I agree with your assessment on the crust/chew factor. Tasty, good size. Goldbergs are a little too bloated though I do like the taste. Funny enough, I actually find the service to be quick and very friendly at Bagel City when I go on a Saturday or Sunday morning - while I feel like I've gotten a colder shoulder at Goldbergs. But I'm not too fussed, they're just fetching 6 bagels out of bins for me. Oh and the 'Saturday' part of Bagel City is a plus for this gentile.

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Sigh, but not for long. I just got a text message (from a trusted source) that says, "Bagel City will be closing as shopping center is going away. :("

Damn...I was hoping that the Walmart deal was going to fall through....do we really need that right across from Target?


My son's gonna be sad when Cici's goes away. My arteries, no so much.

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54 minutes ago, Cuddlyone said:

Actually, Bagel City is still open, although I’ve given up on them. Bagels are not as great as they used to be and bialys are now just fat rolls with onions on top. My favorite bagel place is Georgetown Bagelry, but their bialys stink too.

Sep 13, 2012 - "Bagel City Gets a New Lease on Life" on bethesdamagazine.com

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