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Amuse, in the Le Meridien Hotel in Rosslyn - Formerly Damaso Trattoria in the Hotel Palomar

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Amuse has been open for awhile now, and features a 4,800-square-foot outdoor terrace - is this the biggest outdoor seating space in the DC area? I wonder how big Poste's is.

There's a huge terrace there but the actual portion of it used for seating by the restaurant is tiny, so I guess it's all how you measure it.

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I have eaten at Amuse probably a dozen times in the past year or so, primarily because it's convenient to one of my work locations. The menu is not very adventurous, but the food is passable and the dining room is well appointed. It's comfortable and pleasant for a sit-down meal in Rosslyn.

But I mostly wanted to mention the front of the house, which gets scant attention around here. Tony is the waiter I'm referring to, short of stature but one of the best waiters in the DC area. He spent over 20 years running the dining room at the long-closed Tivoli, over the Rosslyn Metro, and he does his weekends at Lebanese Taverna in the Tysons Galleria. The rest of the week, Tony is waiting on tables at Amuse, and he's one of the best there is.

Tony is soon to be 74, and shows no signs of slowing down. He ranks with Helmut at Blue Iguana, who retired at about age 90 a few years ago, Cathy at Eleni's in Springfield, and that guy at greeting stand at Old Ebbitt Grill, whose name I forgot. 

Here's to Tony, who makes every dining experience feel like you're in very good hands.


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