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Bangkok Noodle, Thai Noodle House on Commerce Street and Backlick Road in Springfield - Closed

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Continuing in my attempt to eat at most Thai restaurants in the southern half of the county, I picked up lunch today from Bangkok Noodle, which is located at the intersection of Commerce & Backlick. I got Tom yum goong ($4.95), larb gai ($6.95) & sukiyaki noodle soup-chicken, beef, pork, cellophane noodles, napa cabbage, Chinese celery, egg, watercress, & sesame seeds in spicy red bean curd soup ($9.95) for Tom. The food was excellent, great blend of hot/sour/salty/sweet for my tom yum (I've been eating this soup several times/wk lately) & the larb had a perfect amount of heat (marked on the menu as 1 rooster-American hot).

It looks like they specialize in Thai noodle soups-next time, I want to try the Paradise soup ($14.95)-cellophane noodles w/ seafood, ground pork, fish balls, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, topped w/ crispy bacon & boiled egg in a hot & sour broth-this one is 3 roosters-Thai hot. It's a lovely space, looks like a beach house w/ blue, green, & tan lapped siding & a colorful mural of photos. Definitely a contender for a Springfield $20 Tuesday (happy hour specials from 4-7), I'll be going back to sample more menu items.

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They have two 5 rooster (chef's special hot) dishes on the menu (it appears they skip right over 4 roosters)-pad phed pha-your choice of protein, w/eggplant, peppers, basil, young peppercorn, Thai herbs in chef's special chili paste & gang pha-jungle curry, no coconut milk. Also, plenty of dishes that are not indicated as spicy, for a contrast in taste. There seemed to be 3 or 4 tables dining in when we went, it's not a large space, but very attractive (if I hadn't been so grubby & in a hurry, I'd have stayed).

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I had lunch here today w/ a friend, it was very good. We both got the same lunch special, chicken madness (?), which is the minced chicken version of gai pad ka prow (which is my default choice for every Thai restaurant), came w/ Tom yum soup & a spring roll (nondescript). I drank a lot of water, & it was refilled as quickly as I downed it, service was good, & it's an attractive space. There are so many excellent Thai restaurants around here to choose from, I feel pretty spoiled...

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The GOP operative and I went to Springfield to try Bangkok Noodle. He hates Springfield and muttered "goddamn outer suburban liberals" quite a few times. We disagree strongly on most things, except for food. In fact, I truly believe that ethnic food could end partisan gridlock. Rumor on the street was that Sen. Reid and McConnell went to Ravi Kabob to sort out the filibuster reform situation this week. We were one karahi away from the nuclear option. Anyways...

As an appetizer we got the pork larb, 3 cocks spicy. It was fresh and vibrant, tangy and definitely packing heat. I compared it favorably to previously favorite larb at Bangkok Golden. There weren't as much fresh herbs as BG (who happen to grow their own, which I think is fantastic), but they figured out the spicing/sauce proportions. If those two versions of larb were married and had a child, I would be in heaven. The one thing that was lacking was sticky rice. I don't know if it was available on the menu, but without something to absorb it with, I think it became even more spicy. And this was only level 3 spicy.

We split the noodle soup. The waitress (who was from Bangkok) said her favorite one was the Paradise Soup. This was the same as the Doo Dee (fish balls and pork, bean sprouts, peanuts, cellophane noodles in hot and sour broth) but with the addition of seafood, bacon, and a boiled egg. It is a damn good soup. It isn't so sour, which is what I find in most of these "hot and sour" style soups. It tasted a lot more like soups in Thailand. I was pretty impressed. Now, this was 3 cocks spicy, as well, but you couldn't feel the heat as much. We added the dry pepper to it, and it got turnt up.

For the entree, we got the Gang Pha Curry. We ordered it 6 cocks. It was a great curry - not heavy and without coconut milk. There was a lot of eggplant and it had a very rich flavor. Reminded me sort of like a jungle curry I had in Ko Lanta, with the thinner curry and a slow building heat. Yet, I don't think it was as spicy as the larb. This was a bit confusing. Don't get me wrong - the flavoring and heat ended up being just what I wanted, but I don't think the cock rating system is consistent.

I'm very happy with this place and want to try at least 4-5 of the entrees. I wish it were closer. Since Po-Siam closed down, we're suffering in Del Ray (First world problem: have to drive 8-9 miles for decent Thai Food).


EDIT: oops - gang pha curry is jungle curry - that explains it!

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On 2/21/2019 at 10:24 AM, DonRocks said:

The Noodle has gone limp, and is now 9 Pad Thai.

On the positive side, the kids & I had lunch at 9 Padthai recently, & it was very good. Our order was not optimal (3 of them (not me) got Pad see ew w/ beef), but the food was good. I have good memories of Bangkok Noodle & I’m happy 9 Padthai is there.

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