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Di Pasquale's Marketplace, Highlandtown

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This small store deserves some love from me as I love their Italian sub and they have a lot of good Italian foods that I can't seem to find in my normal spots. Its hard to tell from their website but they have a great selection of imported olives, peppers, and a decent selection of wine (although I didn't pay attention to prices) plus the deli serves some awesome sandwiches as well as their imported meats and cheese. The personal favorite is the Italian. Its buried a couple blocks north of Eastern Ave in Highlandtown but their Italian sub alone is worth a stop if you're in the area or driving north in my opinion.


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I'd like to second this recommendation, dipasqaules is fantastic. Once a week if my dads home from the farm he goes and gets a tray of meatballs and some spaghetti for the family. Best.meatballs.ever. Seriously, they taste like they're all veal, and like the sauce had some marrow bones thrown in when it was simmering away. Aside from that its like a baltinore litteris, cluttered with all types of things. They also have a little eat in area, I ordered I think it was a old world or something and had to take some of the meat off cuz it was way too much, my friend however did bust my balls for that. Anyway this place deserves a reply from the op and a visit.

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I splurged maybe six months ago and got a meatball at one point. They use a half-loaf of Italian bread, cut out a valley and throw in like six or eight meatballs with marinara sauce, optional cheese and bake it all together. Its not really a sub, and its freaking delicious and a ton of food.

The Santino (imported prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil & tomato) is fantastic as well, the make-up of the sandwich lets the freshly-made mozzarella really take the spotlight.

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