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Ronald Gurney, MD, Conscientious Internist in McLean with a Kind, Caring Staff

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Dr. Gurney has been my primary-care physician since the 1990s. He has been with me in good times and bad, from unexpectedly performing my colonoscopy (much to my horror), to being the first person to suspect the bad news about Member Number One. He is a caring gentleman, but not at the cost of efficiency - he'll cut right to the heart of any problem you may have, and will not hesitate to refer you out to a specialist if you need one. He participates with numerous insurance plans, and is accepting new patients - I can usually get an appointment with him in a couple of days, but if I was really sick, I'm quite certain he could squeeze me in that same day.

His assistants, Gigi and Irene, have been with him ever since I've been seeing him - yep, since the 1990s. Isn't that, right there, the highest possible compliment that can be paid to this physician? Irene amuses me because she pretends to be cranky, but she has a heart of gold just like Gigi does.

Dr. Gurney's phone number is (703) 448-9210. Tell Gigi or Irene that Don Rockwell told you to call, and tell him I said hello when you see him. He is one physician that has truly cared for me in the past, and is someone that I truly care about in return. Even though I've never seen him outside of his office (except for when he showed up at the hospital with that damned scope), he is someone I would *gladly* go to great lengths for. I suppose I'll be using him as my primary care physician either until he retires, or until I move away from the area - neither of which is likely to happen anytime soon.

There's nothing at all fancy about his office or his practice; he's old-school all the way. And that's what I like about him.

Don Rockwell

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