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Medieval Madness, Now Performing at John Strongbow's at 710 King Street in Old Town - Olde English Entertainment Troupe Changes Venue from Renaissance Hall - Closed

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Is this related to Medieval Times in Hanover, MD?

No, it's kind of the cheaper, sole proprietor version of the same, though. Could be a better bargain, or could be a lot worse because they don't have the $$$ backing to do the show properly.

I've thought about going a dozen times, but somehow never made it (mostly due to the commute). Curious to hear how it is - MT is rather expensive and cheezy, but fun for the kids once every few years.

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I bought tickets to a show through Living Social. They are a very small place and were totally booked before the voucher expired. They refused to honor it so I guess I will never go there.

That happened to me once, and one simple email later LS credited my card, no hassles at all.

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Medieval Madness is no longer performing at Renaissance Hall, but as of Aug, 2014, the shows are being performed at John Strongbow's (which was formerly Las Tapas). (Thanks, JB)

Since the troupe never owned Renaissance Hall, this isn't a closure; it's just a move. That said, if you click on the Renaissance Hall webpage, you can see that it's copyrighted by Medieval Madness, so they had (or have) a lot to do with the original venue. If someone knows enough to sort out the relationship between these three entities, would you please chime in here?

Regardless, if you're interested in seeing Medieval Madness, it's now at 710 King Street, and you can find information by clicking here. I really enjoy supporting troupes such as this, even if they're just silly fun - this is exactly why I began a Theater Forum. By all means, someone begin a thread on the Medieval Madness company there.



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