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George Clooney Gets His Chance To Talk with Jon Karl


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Forgive me once again for being proud, perhaps annoyingly proud, of one of my absolute best friends (*) but ...

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I'm so happy for you, George, for having had an opportunity to talk with the legendary Jon Karl. But you know what? I have wine with the guy on a regular basis, so ... nyah!

(*) You think I'm name-dropping until the day comes when I have to throw myself in front of a train for the guy, and I'd do it without blinking. Jon Karl is one of the greatest human beings I've ever had the privilege of knowing.


ETA - Kudos to George Clooney. He didn't act like some publicity-seeking snot; he willingly got arrested, knowing it would highlight the time-sensitive crisis that is happening in Sudan, and it's because he did that probably millions more people are aware of it (I certainly am thinking about it more now). I know that Jon himself has been to Sudan a couple of times and he says that it's horrible there, but there's apparently now a six-week window before the rainy season starts and that's when the misery will become amplified. George Clooney is to be commended for drawing attention to this human tragedy; this was not some self-serving publicity stunt, at least not to my eyes.

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Congratulations to Jon, who (I'm pretty sure) was the only major reporter in the country to correctly predict the Fiscal Cliff talks falling apart as long as several days ago. More importantly, his promotion today to ABC's Chief White House Correspondent! (If you don't read it tonight, you may have to adjust it to 12/21/12).

This is huge. Jon is now a top 3 non-anchor newsman in the United States.

You're awesome, Jon. I am SO proud of you.

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