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Hawthorne Homemade


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Across the street from 2Amys is a new juice bar/market owned and run by the Hawthorne sisters.

The draw for me are the smoothies and chia seed pudding. Smoothies are made from real fruit, not sugared purées. My favorites are the Green Goddess and Paradise Island with greens thrown in. A large is $6.50, which is cheap considering the quality of ingredients. The pudding reminds me of an Asian dessert rather than what we think of pudding.

They also have sandwiches, coffee, and tea.

Come. Drink. Be happy while drinking your greens.

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I finally managed to stop in here, and am glad that I did. (A friend whom I rarely see is one of the owners, but you can tell that I am not a ridiculous booster-at-all-costs from the fact that it has taken me months to make a visit.) All that I have had so far are desserts - a chocolate mousse, a key lime pie, and a tiramisu - all "raw," I am told, and in that sense noticeably different from standard versions of the same foods, but really really good. (My family, including my child, all agreed that these desserts were better than the cupcakes next door, which are good cupcakes.) The governing philosophy seems to be healthful eating - they offer juice cleanses, etc. - but put aside your notions of punitive or boring hippy health food, because they also clearly believe in things that taste good. They also sell a few provisions (pastas, sauces, oils, etc., as well as homemade yogurt), and have breakfast burritos, smoothies, and whatnot.

Also it will give you a chance to prove your tech/hipster cred by using the "Square" app on your iphone or pad, to pay without a credit card.

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