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Prince of Petworth reports on a coming, presumably Egyptian restaurant in Georgetown that even has koshari in its name! I haven't had koshari since I lived in Cairo for a summer in the late 1990s, but I lived on the stuff back then and would love to see a decent version come to DC.

Until it opens, Cairo Cafe in Annandale, right off 395 at Little River Turnpike, has a pretty good rendition.


[The following posts have been split into separate threads:

Falafel & Koshary (Rhone1998)
Astor Mediterranean (saf)

Krazy Koshary (beachgirl54)]

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And just for the record, the best version I have seen around here was on that cable TV show that visits the best of Washington dining establishments....the one I'm thinking about featured the Egyptian Embassy, and the chef used something like 30 mis en place ingedients to put together his signature koshari.

BTW, the Levant version of this dish is equally wonderful, called mu'jaddarah, featuring rice and lentils with caramelized onions....

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