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Northern Snakehead


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There may be some other restaurants offering this dish right now, but it's significant that the first time I've ever seen one was yesterday at Dino (it will also be there today and possibly tomorrow).

I know Scott Drewno has been making them from time to time, but I'm not sure if it's only at special events, or if it was actually offered at The Source.

Dean told me he found it once at New Big Wong in Chinatown.

If ever there were a fish not to feel guilty about eating, it's this pit bull. Have at 'em, fishermen!


(Let's please keep this thread limited to restaurants offering the fish; for other threads (including one of mine from 2004(!)), click here.)

What I'm interested in knowing is: how does snakefish compare, in terms of bones, to other fish like trout (really boney) or bronzino (not so much)? Is this a difficult fish to eat? What is the texture and taste like compared to others? I ask this as a dedicated pescatorian, both in restaurants and at home.

ETA: Don, move this to the topic in News and Media--I didn't read that far.

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It is an odd shaped fish as are sturgeon, so I am guessing it is a more ancient fish evolutionary speaking. There are small bones everywhere. By the time we figure out how to properly bone it, the short season will be over. A customer said it reminded him of KingKlip but with a better, more succulent flavor.

Its very hard to describe, which is what makes it so good. Really no frame of reference. Other fish I put in the same category {no real frame of reference, not snakehead like} such as monk fish are not sustainable and I won't buy them. Here I can buy all I can get, sexually mature ones or immature ones and just go to town. I wold love to be a part of the elimination of this fish from the Chesapeake system before it does real harm.

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