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Bernie Hoffman, Independent Builder and Contractor - Metro Area (HC)


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I have known Bernie Hoffman for about seven years now. He has been in the building trade for many years and has worked on everything from doghouses to being general foreman for 20-story+ office buildings and everything in between, so he knows what actually works and what is builder BS and he doesn't make empty promises. Benrie has taken his own tiny Arlington rambler and made it into a 2-story Dutch Colonial. I've seen him take a tiny old Arlington condo kitchen (if there were 2 people in there, you couldn't open the refrigerator door) and fit it out with so much usuable storage it would make a yachtsman proud.

He just finished replacing all my doors and windows and all I needed to do was hand him the keys and leave the coffeemaker set up for him to turn on when he got to work. If he needs a helping hand, he has Frederico come along, who has worked on jobs with him for 15 or more years. And if the owner doesn't object, Katy his loveable black lab will come along to oversee all efforts as well. My neighbors all came by while he was working and want him to work on projects at their houses because they have had an opportunity to see the care and quality and dedication to doing the job right that Bernie brings to his work.

His phone number is 571-220-1688 and his email address is bernie.hoffman@verizon.net. Tell him Weezy recommended him to you.

Louis Comminaki

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