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Annie's Bistro Francais, French Bistro Relocated to St. Elmo Avenue in Bethesda from Middleburg - Closed

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How not to attract a new customer...

I've walked by Annie's a few times, and have been meaning to try it. I understand that they have a small menu that changes daily, so I went to their website to see what they had tonight. No word on their website...only an old RSS feed that hasn't been updated since May. I called, and the man who answered knew a few of the items that they had for dinner, but not everything. I mentioned that it would be nice if they updated their website daily to show the menu, but he said they didn't have time to do that, and I should check their Facebook page instead. No link to the Facebook page from the website (no mention of it either), so I did a search and came up with two different Facebook pages. One that I needed to "friend" the owner in order to view, and one that hadn't been updated since February, 2011.

So I'm not going there tonight. Maybe some you will disagree, but in this day and age I expect to be able to see a menu online...especially for a place that has a very small menu.

To be fair, Annie's says their menu depends on what they get from local farmers, so they probably don't know far in advance what they're making....but it only takes two seconds to update a Facebook page. Maybe they do that on the page I couldn't access. We'll see.

With that said, has anyone eaten here lately? Worth the hassle?

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My wife and I eat their often. It is our 1 year old’s favorite restaurant in town ( I do not know if that is a plus or not J ) It is very good French bistro cooking. The menus are short and usually change almost every day depending on availability of items and what the chef wants to make. II is a family affair Carol is the chef, and the other chef is her oldest daughter. Her husband is the bar tender, waiter, and everything else in for the front of the house.

The soups are some of the best in town.

I use their Facebook page to get what the special are. I do not find this so difficult.

I would highly recommend that you try it. I find the food quite good. As a matter of fact I think I am going to go there for lunch today.

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Went for lunch today. It's an adorable space with an intimate feel which disguises just how large it is; there's an upstairs seating area toward the back of the restaurant, plus (I think) some more seating back there. Their website says it seats 100.

I had a cup of the soup du jour; a hearty white bean and pork tenderloin. Homey, soothing, delicious, served with sliced baguette pieces. I didn't go particularly eventful for lunch, but ham and cornichons on a toasted buttered baguette was a good way to go today. (Trips to the gym have upped my hunger level but shrinked my capacity, so half of it came home. But I'll get you, my pretty, and your potato chips too.)

I should check out dinner sometime.

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And the mystery deepens...

I requested a refund from Groupon, and here was part of their response:

"While there does appear to have been some confusion, specifically due to the fact that the merchant is in the process of moving to a nearby address (we will be announcing details about their new location once the merchant releases that information to us), we've been working with the business to clear this up. They've assured us that they are accepting Groupons and you shouldn't have any difficulty redeeming your voucher once their new location opens in the near future."

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