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Firebox Grille, Burgers & Salads on Route 123 and Gosnell Road in West Tysons Corner - Closed

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Website: http://fireboxgrille.com/

8417 Old Courthouse Rd
Vienna, VA 22182

Menu: http://fireboxgrille.com/menu.html

Visit Time: ~8pm 3/23/12

Web Review w/pictures (not mine): http://burgerdays.co...firebox-grille/

Decor: Very nicely laid out, if a little small and averagely-lit. The interior reminded me quite a bit of Burger 7 in Falls Church. Booths are scarce, with tables and stools to augment them. Drink/Condiment station is separated from the cashier enough to leave room for a line and room for egress.

Wait Time: Was told ten minutes - it was more in line with ~15-20.

Experience: Against the advice of the review up top, I went with a somewhat minimalist bacon and cheddar double, simply because I was hungry. Went with the "premium beef" over the more expensive "organic" option. The beef was *very* juicy, patties were well-formed and thick, and had a good (but not overly stellar) flavor - and did contain some color, which was a welcome change over the spate of "you can have it well-done or well-done" places around here. Presentation is *very* reminiscent of BGR (right down to the stainless steel platter), and the standard brioche bun is excellent and looks bigger than it actually is - when you grasp it, it shrinks to "bite-ability." Didn't taste the bacon I ordered but it wasn't tough or chewy, either. Fries were crispy, held their shape, and were liberally dusted with a non-overpowering spice that looked cayenne-ish. The fries themselves, however, reminded me of taste-wise of Burger King's (if you got them at peak conditions), but still augmented the burger well. BGR's regular fries are much better when pitted against these. The Chili Cheese Fries look good, but not my style.

Verdict: Not bad but *greasy*. Defnitely worth a try if you like burgers - their salads looked rather nice as well, with a lot of protein options available. Oh yeah, and they have birch beer. :D

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