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Douglas Crab Cakes, Manchester Lakes, Kingstowne

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Well, the concept is pretty good....the Douglas family missed the true taste of crabcakes from the Eastern Shore, so they decided to open a small shop that sells crabcakes cooked on the flat top griddle, with little or no filler but for some seasoning and egg whites. They bill themselves as "A Fresh Alternative" and their menu is limited to these crab cakes and a few fried fish options. Their plan is to open at least two other places soon, one on Route 1 and the other I forgot. So Lady Kibbee and I decided to grab a few crab cakes and get all excited about having this dining option available to us.

However, I asked about the providence of the crab, and the nice man behind the counter actually showed me the can that it comes in. Pasteurized, from China....! Next came the actual crab cakes, nary a lump of crab to be found, about as interesting as the fried up mostly flake "special" crab you might find at the ballpark. The flavor wasn't bad, but the texture was not unlike a flaccid fish cake. I can't imagine building a menu and a restuarant concept around this slab of mediocrity, and charging $12.49 for a sandwich. You can get a better crab cake in the frozen section of the supermarket.

I don't expect Douglas Crab Cakes to last long, irrespective of its expansion plans. I'll note we were the only customers in the place on a rainy Saturday night at 6pm, while Johnny's New York Pizza next door was abuzz with patronage. (Yes, Kibbee Nayee Junior took home a large Meatatarian from Johhny's.)


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Yes, thanks for saving me a waste of time and money. Crab cakes are a food the you either do right, or not at all. I totally would have been sucked into that place had I seen it.

I will continue to try to source it local, lump and make them myself for about $6 a cake.

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