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Dining in Cleveland Park

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We have reservations for Sunday dinner and will be driving from McLean. We're not familiar with this part of DC and would appreciate any off street parking suggestions.

The Hunger Games at the Uptown right now is packing Cleveland Park, so Sunday night will be more crowded than usual. All street parking is free, but the two obvious off-street locations are Sam's Parking Lot (immediately south of Palena) and the long, narrow strip right in front of Ripple which can be more trouble than its worth. A lesser known on-street place, if you don't mind a little walk, is Quebec Street, the entrance to which is very near Porter and Connecticut.

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Ok, the question of parking in CP comes up frequently on this board due to the wonderful proliferation of great restaurants - well I'm going to disclose to you the best, almost-guaranteed spot in CP. Off of CT Ave, one block north of Porter (where the strip of shops begins) is Rodman St - at the top of Rodman St (near where it meets Reno Rd) there is a good deal of available parking. The reason is that on one side of the street is a park and the other side has houses with steep steps where the owners almost all park in the back. The only downside is that it is a good 5-10 minute walk back down Rodman and along CT to Ripple and the other great restaurants in CP. So while not the most convenient spot, it is a good choice for those who just want to park and walk and not spend 30 minutes circling for an open space that is a few minutes closer walk. That being said, many of the other neighborhoods streets are pretty crowded (including the lower part of Rodman closest to CT Ave).

However, I do agree with Dean - take the Metro and avoid the traffic hassles, it is pretty much closer than any parking spot available and greener.

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