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Saturday Night in DC, 8 People, Additional Constraints


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I feel like I know the answer to this question but having some writer's block...or whatever the equivalent is for temporary paralysis in trying to ID the right restaurant.

I need a place where I'd be able to book for 8 including one 12 year old. At least 5 (if not 7) are food oriented and will appreciate a better quality spot. Half the group will be visiting from Manhattan. Lots of options so far but, with the following constraints, it gets tougher:

- best if in DC versus, say, Alexandria (Majestic might have been good otherwise)

- should be casual with jeans okay (Evening Star would be great...if it was in DC or at least closer in/on a metro line)

- newer but not risky so minimal/no chance of disappointment (Forchetta but too high risk at this point)

- bookable for a Saturday night this month (always tough on less-than-a-month notice for our best places at whatever price point)

Type of food/cuisine less important.

Mintwood occurred to me but I'm not sure it'd be bookable with just a couple weeks' notice on a Saturday with a group this size. Will try them by phone tomorrow. Places like Fiola, Blacksalt, Elisir, Corduroy, Bibiana, Makoto, CityZen too formal. Little Serow won't accomodate 8 and too eclectic for the 12 year old anyway. Sushi Taro also probably too formal and not enough easy options for the the 12 year old.

Thanks for any help clearing my cobwebs.

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Central Michel Richard or B.Beck seem pretty safe to me, Central just opened up in Vegas so that's might give your guests some bragging rights as to "new" once they get home. The 12 year old should at least like fried chicken and the banana split if (s)he is as picky as you imply. But good luck.

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I was going to suggest Ardeo (upstairs) and Central, so second those recommendations.

Masa 14 is always a favorite of mine, but can be quite loud.


Evening Star really isn't all *that* far from the Braddock Road Metro station. (OK, it's a mile, but it's an easy walk down Mt. Vernon and there are always cabs available at the station :) )

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Many thanks, everyone. Somehow Cedric & Co were able to squeeze us in at Mintwood which is close to ideal since the food is reliably excellent, it's a casual spot, it caters to tastes sophisticated and emerging (kids menu) and it's still new enough that the other DC types in the group don't already know it. Really appreciate all the ideas though--donrockwell.com rocks!

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