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$20 Tuesday at Hong Kong Pearl, Seven Corners - Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 7:30 PM


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We still on for Tuesday with just 6, or do you want to postpone? Or can we get a few last minute additions?

Bump this tomorrow morning around 10. (Nothing wrong with dinner for six - wish we had 2-3 of them every night, all around town.)

Speaking of which, Nate Waugaman (our own chefn8) and I are talking about a dinner at Mealey's Table which would be perfect for our northern Montgomery County members.

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Kliman's lead question on his chat today references Hong Kong Pearl:

Todd, Which restaurant do you think has the best dim sum in the metro area? Thanks!

Right now, I’d say it’s Hong Kong Pearl Seafood, in Falls Church.

It’s in the plaza at Seven Corners right across the street from the Eden Center.

There are little things that could be better — some of the rice-based wrappers sometimes cling to the bottoms of their steamers, and there are sometimes long lags between the carts — but what’s good is very good, and generally very fresh, too.

Be sure, if you go, to get an order of greens — any greens; they’re superb — and don’t miss the roasted, crisp-skinned pork, which you can see dangling in a heated, lighted case up front when you walk in. Fantastic.

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It says I started this thread but this is the first time I saw this. Oops. I need to confirm with the hubby, but I think we can do this. Please add us to the list. I will let you know ASAP if we aren't going to make it. So glad I had a few minutes to check the board today.

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10 of us stuffed ourselves silly last night. Goodeats and +1 arrived and ate early because it was past someone's bed time...but she stuck around to establish our streetcred and assisted in ordering...thanks Goodeats!

I don't have a menu nor does it seem to be online, so going by memory and don't have the actual name of the dishes, so excuse my lame descriptions!...but here goes.

Crispy pork x2 (from the front meat case) - not too crispy nor flavorful, meat was on the dry side...but solid, not great.

Roast duck - I thought this was also solid but not great, the bird was a little skimpy on meat.

Asian greens with garlic x2 - Can someone else chime in on exactly what greens they were? Not going to wow you but a good vegetable addition to the meal.

Triple Delight(?) - Battered and fried shrimp, scallops, and squid. The salt & pepper batter and whatever spicy ground stuff sprinkled on top was really good. Seafood was decent...again a solid dish but not great.

Whole crispy chicken with garlic - A whole butterflied chicken (with head)...really crispy, very tender chicken...star dish of the night. Definitely would order again.

Lamb and tofu hotpot - meat, bones, cartilage, in a thick rich gravy/sauce with tofu skins, shitake mushrooms, and some greens. Also very good, but I love lamb and tofu. I would order again.

Crispy fish x2- a large cross section slab of bass(?) topped with scallions with a soy based dipping sauce. I thought this was also excellent..and would order again.

A noodle dish (not sure on the name) - I thought it was kind of gloppy and I was full at this point so I just had a small bite. Meh.

Crispy noodles with beef and broccoli - I was stuffed at this point so just nibbled on some of the noodles. Seemed to be good (but I'm not a big beef and broccoli person).

Plate of cookies for dessert - the little round coin shaped ones were good, the sesame ball ones not so good.

I feel like I am missing a dish or two(?)

For me we had three excellent dishes (Crispy whole chicken, lamb/tofu hotpot, crispy bass) the rest was solid to good without wowing. Certainly better than anything I'm going to get in DC! Like many of these Chinese restaurants with massive menus, I feel like it is a place where people are going to find gems, decent stuff, and mediocre stuff. I would definitely go back for chicken, lamb/tofu, crispy bass, and greens and walk out a happy Tweaked.

Dinner with tax and tip $24 + $3 per beer.

Yet another orgy of DR fun!

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Seriously - only $24?! Wow.

Greens were snow pea shoots.

Note that if you are going to order the crispy chicken - I believe the staff said you have to order early and wait at least 20mins.

Did you guys order the e-fu noodles?

Little man conked out as soon as we got home but he ate two helpings of the scallops & golden mushroom e-fu noodles that we ordered (this probably belongs in the main thread), with some to take for today's lunch. Wish we got to stay - he loved seeing everyone!

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We had two noodle dishes: crispy fried noodles with beef and chinese broccoli, and the e-fu noodles with chive flowers.

I think Tweaked got it pretty spot-on. The chicken was by far the best dish of the night, and in the copious Chinese places I have in Rockville, I haven't seen anything quite like this.

The other dishes, both the good and the fair ones, I think I have better versions of here in MD. The crispy pig, for instance, is spectacular at New Fortune. But the company was certainly worth the trip across the river, and I'd be quite pleased if this was my neighborhood joint.

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I just posted on the main thread. My favorites were the crispy chicken and the triple seafood delight. I was impressed with how tender the seafood was and I really like the flavor. We will definitely be back.

We had such a great time with everyone. Thanks for a nice night!

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