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DD Barbeque, Kerry Dudley's Roadside Truck in Sterling - On Route 7 in the Parking Lot of a Shell Station

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Along route 7 in Sterling right over the border of Fairfax into Loudoun there is a BBQ stand that sets up shop in a Shell station. The first thing I noticed was their gigantic rig.

They are only open on weekends which is typical for most BBQ stands around Loudoun it seems. The BBQ is good, but not great. I tried the spare ribs, beef short ribs, and brisket. Spare ribs were well smoked but tougher than they should have been. The short ribs were excellent. Tender enough and beautifully smoked. The brisket was served in small cubed up pieces, which was a little different but I didn't care for it. I think my biggest bone to pick is that I wish they would leave the meat on smoker for a longer. There is a very prominent smoke ring on all their meats, its just way chewier than it should be in general. Could have been a bad day, which with BBQ can happen. It was all served dry rub style, with sauce on the side. I really did not like the sauce, it was too out there to me with a taste of raspberry or something.

All in all good, and clear they know a bit about BBQ, but not quite my cup of tea at least the first time out. I'd like to give them more chances, try the pork and chicken out.

Their Facebook page has much more info about them if you want to know more.

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