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Am I missing something here?

$135 for 5 courses doesn't make it sound like you're getting an amazing deal.

Is that inclusive of Tax & Gratuity? Or Beverage?

Kind of a head-scratcher, isn't it.

Maybe The Coterie will be great and I wish them the best of success. I really appreciate what Dave said in his final paragraph about the dr.com dinners. Restaurants used to give us great deals on the chefs' best efforts, and would get monster publicity in return - all the while making a profit. The difference I see between dr.com dinners and "everything else" is the huge amount of publicity the restaurants get.

If there's interest, I can work with a restaurant to do something really special. It sounds like maybe the best thing to do would be for me to think of something awesome, work it out with the restaurant, and just present it to everyone. If you can't make that dinner, we'll do another one. Etc. (Please keep in mind that some people will want a $20 dinner, others will want a $50 dinner, and others will want a $150 blowout - no single meal will please everyone, but we've got to start somewhere.)

Eric, those fried oysters at Sou'Wester are like crack. Shall we make that course number one?

Will, that poutine bolognese was unearthly. Can you make it in bulk?

Chefs, please contact me if you're interested. You'll make a profit (although not as much per diner) and get lots of free PR. I reiterate that I do not wish to profit from these meals, and 100% of the money will go from diner to restaurant. Members here get a great meal at a discount, restaurants still make a profit and get tons of publicity - sounds like a winner to me.

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