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Pollo Mex, Colesville Shopping Center on NH Avenue and E. Randolph Road in Silver Spring

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A friend suggested we drop in to Pollo Mex last night, and I was dubious because it sounded like yet another latin american chicken place. Well, they do have rotisserie chicken, but that barely scratches the surface.

Arriving about 8PM on a Wednesday, the place clearly does a lot of carryout business, and about 3/4 of the twelve or so tables were occupied. Three guests were also seated at the (full) bar, eating and clearly enjoying a pitcher of sangria. Noise level was low to medium.

Service was prompt and friendly, we started with a half-pitcher of margaritas that lasted the two of us through the meal, accompanied by nice light chips and a clearly homemade salsa with nice chunks of tasty fresh tomatos . We split a ceviche appetizer, and were blown away with its good sized chunks of firm flounder mixed with romaine, tomatoes, onion and cilantro...somehow there was something special in the dressing, and we pondered for a while before realizing it was a touch of ginger. This is a generous, outstanding dish that could be a light meal for one. I had a grilled steak, looked like thick flank but I dunno, flavorful and moist, with tostones and yucca, I preferred the oh so mildly sweet yucca to the drier tostones. My companion had a wonderful dish of pork with onions, fried plantains , beans and rice. That was it for us, no dessert.

Overall, great service, great food, and an interesting and broad menu with something for everyone. Next time, I want to try the tortas, havent had a good one since I left California and I have a feeling Pollo Mex will deliver.

http://www.pollomex.com/ (the online menu does not reflect the full menu in house).

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Thanks for posting this. Note also they deliver with a $15 minimum.

I have to say, with my parents' birthday just having past, that this is exactly the type of place they would have loved for me to "discover" and take them to. Damn it I miss taking them out to Pho 75 (and this was back in the early 90s - despite them being so "old-school," they were remarkably open-minded for senior citizens and simply adored Pho 75). Damn, damn, damn why are they gone.

Do you know which space it's in? There was a Greek restaurant in that shopping center, towards the center, that was deceptively small looking from the outside, but massive on the inside.

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