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Market Burger, Main St in Purcellville - From the Owners of Market Table Bistro in Lovettsville

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If you are in or near Purcellville, Va I do recommend stopping in at Market Burger (Market burger is affiliated with Market Table Bistro in Lovettsville, Va).

All the ground meat is locally sourced as is most of the menu. The burger itself is griddle cooked. You can get a double or a single, burger and the patties are a little thicker than Five Guys. Easily the best burger in Loudoun, I think its comparable to BTS in Foggy Bottom. I appreciate the patty is loose and not too heavily packed.

The fries... the fries are absolutely great. They are hand cut, thin and crispy. They are right up my ally as to what I like in fries. They go great with the different mayos so ask for the mayos (herb, curry, etc) on the side.

Only negative is it is pretty pricey but honestly with all the local sourcing I can understand why. Wife and I with 2 burgers a few topping upcharges, fries and drinks cost $28.

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