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Benton's Smokehouse, Madisonville, TN


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Finding myself only one and a half hours from Benton's Smokehouse, I convinced two of my friends to make a road trip. We left Fontana Village bright and early on a Tuesday morning and took some really nice roads (The Moonshiner 28 and The Dragon) to Madisonville.


Fifteen minutes later (and $100 lighter) we headed back to Fontana Village. Now, some people might think a three hour round-trip to spend 15 minutes (to say nothing of $100) sounds like a waste of time, but you weren't there. My two friends aren't foodies of any sort, but after visiting Benton's and then sampling the thick-cut bacon, I think they're ready to start some serious food exploration. (actually, I know they are, three days later we had a great four-course dinner with paired wines at Cucina 24 in Asheville and we all left extremely satisfied and happy).

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