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Hampden is slowly becoming a real destination for dining in Baltimore. Luigi's, an Italian market, just opened. Coming soon is the Hampden Food Market and a "takeout/burger" place from Woodberry Kitchen. Last fall, Daniela's opened on the Avenue specializing in handmade pasta dishes and desserts.

Danela, who is Sardinian, used to make pastas for Grano and Sotto Sopra. The place is more of a carryout, not an actual restaurant. You can go in and pick items from her case and they will reheat them for you. Not ideal, but is has something to do with food licensing in the city.

Her specialty is culingionis, a Sardinian potato dumpling with saffron & mint served with a creamy sauce. She also makes large tasty meatballs, lasagna, and ravioli.

Her pastries are also quite good including tiramisu and sfogliatelle, a shell shaped pastry with many layers filled with ricotta.

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