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The Mother Pucker Project: Moms helping Moms on Mothers Day


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My friend and neighbor is an awesome Mommy Blogger who, in addition to being hysterically funny, has a heart of gold and loves to help others. Her blog, Rants from Mommyland, has reached out to help less fortunate Mom's around Christmas and positively affected the lives of women around the world.

She started a similar project for Mothers Day. Info can be found here and here. Essentially, if you are a Mom (or Dad) that wants to help out a Mom in distress on mothers day, by either donating real-life useabale goods (Wal Mart Gift Cards, for example) or your time, SIGN UP!

Lots of Moms get diamonds and flowers and cards and presents this Sunday. But many more don't get anything they want and struggle even getting their basic needs.

If you are interested in helping out, I am sure the Moms would appreciate it. There is no more determined group than this group of bad-ass Moms. And please, pass along the info via Facebook, Twitter, smoke signal, whatever. Grass roots efforts like the ones at Rants from Mommyland do make a difference.



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Thanks! I purchased some birth kits on behalf of my Mom and my wife. Many of the Moms in my neighborhood are pitching in on the project. They distibuted over $100K at Christmas time and are looking to make a similar positive impact on mothers day..

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It's almost Mothers Day, so please, anyone who thinks this is a good idea pass the links on to someone else.

In the last 10 days, they have adopted ALL of the Mom's in six local domestic violence and homeless shelters and purchased almost 1,000 Clean Birth Kits!


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