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Romanian Food Festival, St Andrew Romanian Church in Potomac

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Next weekend, May 18-20, 2012. The church is located on River Rd, just west of Bradley Blvd and the former Shriver residence as you head from the Beltway toward Potomac.



From the description:

In addition to the live Romanian music and traditional folk dance shows, there will be church tours, gymnastic and boxing shows, icons and painting presentation, sculpture and Romanian handcrafts exhibitions.

To add to the family fun we have a petting zoo, pony ride, and children activities area which include a bounce house, kids’ games and face painting. Not to mention the best of Romanian food ever!!
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Tis that weekend again. Gubeen raved about it last year, so today we stopped by for an early dinner. You buy tickets at the booth near the entrance to the field, which are exchanged for food and beverage items at $1/ticket. They were still setting up and not all items were available yet, but what was there was fascinating and full of community spirit.

The legume soup was rich and hearty, herbed with a strong dose of dill. The lamb "pastrami" was more of a grilled item, but set off by spicy slices of pickled peppers. But the humble little rolls of stuffed cabbage were simply terrific...moist and flavorful. Also try the "mititei", a skinless pork sausage formed into small cylinders before cooking, with a texture a bit like kofte or kubideh.

I think we're going to go back tomorrow for a late lunch.

This Saturday and Sunday 10-7, parking onsite (at least until they run out of room). The festival is held twice yearly as a fundraiser for the eventual construction of a permanent Romanian Orthodox Church on this site, 9111 River Rd., Potomac.

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