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Baingan Mirchi Ka Salan

Masala Art is the only other restaurant [besides Passage to India] where I have seen this dish...so of course we had to order it.

It is also still on the menu at the Heritage in Glover Park, where it used to be outstanding though I can't really say anything about how it is today because I followed that restaurant's crew up the street to Masala Art in Tenleytown and have only eaten there once in the past year -- noticing that the bartending was off, interesting new additions were on the menu and the execution of old favorites was less assured than previously. Before we defected, they were occasionally serving a momo special that was much better than the much acclaimed dumplings I encountered in the neighboring Chinese restaurant.

Rara gosht was one of the best things Heritage ever cooked, in our opinion, and we missed it at Masala Art, until we discovered that it actually does appear there as an appetizer -- the Nukt kabab on Khastha roti. We've ordered it twice, for the topping, so can't weigh in on the crispness of the bread, but I definitely know it is soft.

These three restaurants are all related, and I know Passage to India is a good reason why we should be traveling to Bethesda more often.

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